Backflow Protection Cage Installs:

Protect your Valuable Backflow Assemblies!

In today’s market with copper prices remaining high, copper theft is at an all time high.  BPDI recommends strongly that all our customers take preventative measures to secure their valuable assets that can be extremely expensive to replace. We offer a number of products to protect your investments from theft, vandalism and even cold weather that can damage your devices. 

BPDI can install an excellent industry standard Backflow Protection Cage/Enclosure to protect your backflow.  We can also install customize cages for any special needs you may have. 

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  • Theft - Theives will steal your assemblies Causing you costly repairs.
  • Vandalism - If your device is stolen or vandalised your water can be shut down untill it is replaced.
  • Freeze Damage - During unexpected freezes, your devices can suffer extreme damage that can be costly to fix.  Protecting your assemblies helps to prevent this

FrostGuard™ Blankets:  FrostGuard™ blankets are an ideal way to protect your valuable backflow investments against winter cold snaps, like we had in Phoenix Metro area in 2007 and Feb. 2011.  A frost can freeze you devices and pipes leading to costly repairs.  We can install protective FrostGuard™ blankets to help you prevent such disasters. (For most devices)